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*Instructions on how to play*

  • Login to your mast235odds account with your login details, select payment method and calculate your subscription fee by choosing your desired plan and inputing your start capital. Login Register
  • Note: your start capital can't be changed after you've confirmed it.
  • The calculator gives you the amount you're to pay, when you've paid, you'll be activated as a premium member.
  • You can have access to the daily games and the daily stakes amount to be played.
  • To know your daily stakes amount, select the MAST calculator and input your capital or account balance, it will give you the daily stake amounts you're to follow diligently.
  • If there's a loss on any day, you move to the next days stake amount given to you, until you have a win in that round.
  • After you get a win, the MAST calculator will be reset and you calculate for your new account balance for the next round, you continue this process until you've made your desired target.

*Money Management Advice*

  • We advice you, since this is soccer trading, there are various levels of risk so you select carefully which money management technique or risk you can take
  • If you have a small start up capital of 25k and below, you can run the 8 days plan where you make x4 IN a month or x2 in 2 weeks, when you've gotten to 2 weeks and have made x2, let's say 25x2 = 50k. You can then choose to go safer by doing the 11 days plan for a month and make x2 monthly.
  • If you have a large capital like 30k and above, you can split the capital in %, say 80/20. 80% of your capital to run the 11 days plan where you make x2 in 30 days, and 20% of your capital to run the 7 days plan where you make x3 your capital in 15 days or x6 in 30 days. When you make x3 in 15 days, you take the profit and add to the large account with 11 days plan, and start with the initial 7 days plan capital. You keep repeating the cycle every 15 days or 30 days as you wish.

MAST Referral System

Hello, welcome to Mast referral system!
Mast referral plan is incorporated to make both registered active and inactive members earn when they share their unique referral link to a group or a friend. A percentage of the referrals paid subscription fee is paid to the online account of the person that referred them When the link is shared, anyone that comes in through the link and registers on . Once a registration is made, your unique ID is saved on the database that such person was brought in by you notwithstanding you being a subscribed or an unsubscribed member.

The funds accumulates on the balance of the MAST user (You) and can either be withdrawn when it gets to the sum of ₦2,000 or can be used to Purchase a subscription plan or Extend a current subscription plan less than or equal to your referrer earnings directly from the dashboard. You only need to be registered with to be able to have a referral link you can share. Note: after registration, on your dashboard you click on the " Become A Referrer " Link, fill in your bank details, proceed with the next step, then your referral link to be shared will be displayed, click on it to copy and begin earning.


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